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Massage Therapy

A unique form of Deep Tissue massage where the therapist uses overhead bars for balance while providing a deep luxurious massage with her feet.


We have built a beautiful outdoor sauna. It is still currently under construction and will be ready for use Winter 2022. 


Stay in a traditional style tipi with amazing views of Cache Valley and the best spot for star gazing.

Meet Your Therapist

Leia Farrell

I graduated from the Utah College Of Massage Therapy in 1999. Working with clients on a regular basis was my calling, I immediately opened my own massage studio in Logan Utah and began seeing clients, helping with chronic issues, pain relief & bringing relaxation to each session. I now  have a beautiful massage studio on Maple Creek in Franklin Idaho. I travel to ranches, barns & events for equine massage.

What My Clients Say

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4698 E. Maple Creek Rd.
Franklin, ID 83237


208 600 3336


4698 E. Maple Creek Rd.
Franklin, ID 83237

208 600 3336

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