Post Branding Season Therapy (For Your Horse!)

Jun 5, 2023

Your Horse Could Use Some Therapy, Too!

Branding season is winding down and everyone’s feeling the weight of it. The season starts at the end of April and goes into June. Making sure each head in the herd gets branded, tagged, or vaccinated. Not to take away from how hard these ranchers are working out there, but let’s shed light on how hard their “working horses” actually work.  Your horse needs some special care, too!


Working Horses

Most horses in the United States are used for recreational purposes, but there are still a large percentage of horses that are hard at work. These horses perform specific tasks on a routine basis for the economic gain of their owners. This could be plowing fields, driving a carriage, rounding up cattle, or giving lessons.
The horse’s body has approximately 700 muscles. Horses who live a very physical life need some sort of physical therapy or rehab protocols to maintain a healthy body. This is especially important in the equines who are doing a routine job.  They tend to overwork the muscle group which affects the rest of their bodies in the long run.

Equine Massage Therapy

These horses work so hard for us every day.  The least we can do is help them keep their bodies at peak performance. Equine massage therapy helps the horse relax and reduces pain. Not to mention it will avoid injuries and medical bills!  Massage therapy for horses, like in humans, has many benefits for the horses overall health and life. Here’s a few benefits just to name a few:

-Improves circulation: promotes more rapid healing of injuries.

-Enhances muscle tone and increases range of motion

-Eases muscle spasms.

-Reduces Inflammation and swelling in the joints so that pain and tension is relieved.

-Lengthens connective tissue and so breaks down/prevents the formation of adhesions and reduces the danger of fibrosis.

-Improves the disposition of the animal

-Increases the production of synovial fluid in the joints. 

Massage Therapy Can Improve to Veterinary Care

It should be noted that equine massage therapy is not a replacement for veterinary care.  If your horse is sick or injured, it should see a proper veterinarian.  However massage therapy works great as supplemental care for improving the overall health of your horse.  Just like people, horses suffer stress and have stress related injuries and health issues.  Helping your horse relax and recover from stress will reduce the chances of some health issues, making the veterinary care more effective.


Take Care of Your Horse

If you want your horse to stay in good health and at peak performance, you need to take care of it.   Equine massage therapy will help your horse recover from the hard work you put it through.  It will feel better and that means so will you!  Call today and set up an appointment.