Top 5 Benefits of Consistent Massage Therapy 

Aug 28, 2023

A Good Massage Shouldn’t Just Be For Special Occasions

Everyone loves to pamper themselves with a good massage!  There’s no reason to save it for special occasions, though. Professionals say the consistency of repeated massage therapy sessions can improve your muscles, joints, and overall well-being over a long-term period. Some health insurance companies will even cover the costs of your message session because it’s becoming more clear how necessary massage can be for supporting a healthy lifestyle. 


So how can consistent massage therapy help you with your overall health? Here’s a list of benefits you could experience!


1. Increase Circulation and Lower Blood Pressure

Good circulation brings damaged tense muscles the oxygen rich blood they need to heal. Massage techniques improve your lymph fluid circulation and carry away metabolic waste in your body away from your vital organs and muscles. Your lymphatic system is a critical part of your body’s immune system! 

Consistent massage therapy sessions can help reduce your blood pressure levels. High blood pressure can increase your risk of a cardiac issue, like a heart attack or stroke. 

2. Boost Mental Health and Lower Stress

Most people will experience a mental health challenge at some point in their lifetime. Research supports that massage therapy helps with stress on both physical and physiological levels. People are starting to better understand that a combination of massage therapy and psychotherapy can have a huge positive impact on your overall mental health.  


3. Manage Pain and Increase Physical Fitness

Many people play sports, or are a part of an exercise program. Some sort of exercise is required if you want to stay in good health. Regular massage can help improve athletic performance, speed recovery, help improve conditioning, and maintain peak performance. 

As far as pain relief, many people are turning to prescription medications which have a serious risk of addiction, abuse, or overdose.  Many pain relievers are also blood thinners, which can have serious side- effects. Massage therapy is a safe and effective alternative in relieving pain and won’t cause any new challenges.


4. Improve Muscle Memory and Posture

Thanks to modern life, sitting at a desk hunched over a computer all day is a norm for a lot of people. Constant sitting can lead to shortened and overworked muscles in both your chest and core. Having a regular massage can be very beneficial in improving your posture and alleviate your aches and pains. During a massage session your nervous system reacts by releasing tension, allowing you to relax. Just like you exercise your body to build strength, your body must build relaxation muscles as well. 


5. Enhance Quality of Sleep and Reduce Fatigue

When we are stressed out, our bodies produce an excess amount of the hormone, cortisol, which is linked to difficulty sleeping. Regular massage therapy can lower the cortisol levels in your body. When your body is constantly tight and overworked it can cause chronic fatigue. A massage can help calm and relax the body, especially if you are in pain or under stress. When you’re able to relieve that excess stress, your body will spend less energy, giving you more to spare.  You’ll feel much better over time.  


Massage Therapy Helps With Your Overall Health

Just as it’s important to exercise to stay healthy, it’s also important to relax.  Stress is one of the biggest problems we face in modern living, regardless of our age, job, or lifestyle.  A massage can help relieve that stress.  Along with other benefits, such as better circulation, pain management, and improved posture, you’ll see many improvements in your overall health.


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